About Lyreco

Key figures
28 countries
10,000 employees
6,000 stocked products
60,000 orders/day
400,000 m² of distribution center
255,000 boxes delivered everyday
ISO 9001 ISO 14001 certifications
1,700 vans and drivers

28 countries, one Lyreco

We have a global vision and the appropriate competitive advantages that large international companies are looking for when it comes to the management of global purchasing portfolios of office supplies.

Lyreco is one of the largest worldwide distributors of office supplies. Active in 28 countries (36 with our partners), on 5 continents, Lyreco believes in offering every Customer the same superior quality of products and services wherever they are.

One of Lyreco’s assets lies in the organisation and management model. The same policies, organisation and management rules apply to all Lyreco subsidiaries. A unique information system facilitates the sharing and consolidation of all these elements worldwide.

Continuous improvementis is the rule

All subsidiaries contribute to the continual improvement of the group model by sharing new ideas and best practices.

Sustainable Development takes advantage of these synergies from all areas of the business and group experts help by improving the group best practices.

Your office... our world

Your office... our world
6 strategic partners
6 strategic partners that strengthen Lyreco’s worldwide coverage with presence in
Southern Africa, Egypt, New Zealand, Mexico, United States,Taiwan and Japan.
6 strategic partners
Lyreco Lyreco Partners : Askul OfficeMax Officepro Office Product Depot Waltons Speedsend

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