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Internal Opinion Barometer, Code of Ethics

Job Description


To secure a stabile and positive working environment it’s important that all employees have a clear knowledge of their role in the organisation. That’s why every employee in Lyreco has a Job Description issued at the start of their employment ion the company.

This Job Description contains detailed information about
  • Job title
  • Department team
  • Location
  • Purpose of position
  • Responsibilities
  • Relations and co-operation
  • Qualifications

The document is signed by both employer and
employee to secure full agreement on the content of the Job Description. The document is updated every year at the annual appraisal to follow the natural evolution of the job.

Training Plan


Having skilled and highly motivated employees is vital for any successful company.
Making sure that all employees have the right knowledge and skills to do their job well and meet all the new challenges of the future is directly linked to the motivation of the employees.
So it’s very important to constantly train and develop both managers and employees to both secure the needs of the company and keep a high level of confidence and motivation.

In Lyreco we take training of our employees very seriously.
Every year we map all the training needs of our employees and transform this into a specific plan for providing the proper training.

The training is performed by our internal trainers who are dedicated to provide tailor made courses to meet the needs.
External trainings are also widely used to provide specialized training for specific needs.

Health & Safety and well being


The first priority of any employer should be to provide a safe working space.
There can be no doubt that all employees should feel completely safe while performing their job and not have to worry about any  work related health issues – both physically and mentally.
It’s very important that this remains a constant focus for a company to protect both the employees and the business.

In Lyreco we take safety very seriously.
In every subsidiary we have established a Health & Safety Organisation with the sole purpose to focus on maintaining a high level of safety.
This is based on the international OHSAS (Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series) 18001 standard.

Primarily we focus on living up to the local country’s rules and regulations but the Health & Safety Organization will also ensure that constant improvement is being implemented in each company.
Internal and external audits are constantly providing focus on this area.

Code of Ethics


Over the last years, our company has experienced fantastic growth, in terms of sales, number of employees and markets in which we operate. This growth has been shaped around our core values.
These values will continue to be the fundamentals on which we want to build our future.

Our objective will remain the strengthening of the group, we are focused on profitable growth and it is important that every Lyreco employee and supplier understands how we want to achieve this success.

In a rapidly changing environment and in an ever-growing business, we have formalised the ethical
principles that we want to see applied by the Lyreco staffs and our suppliers.

The Lyreco Code of Ethics describes the standards expected from each Lyreco
employee and manager in the course of their business life with Lyreco:
  • in their relationships with customers and suppliers
  • in their relationship with their colleagues, and
  • in their behaviour towards promoting the company ‘s best interest
The Lyreco Supplier Code of Ethics provides a foundation for Lyreco and its suppliers to build and maintain relationships based on fairness, trust, respect for the rights of individuals, compliance with the law, and sustainable business practices.

Our Values


Achieving company goals would not be possible without a clearly mapped management strategy, supporting systems, excellent infrastructure, nor the commitment of our own people.  Their behaviours aligning to our Values are key to our whole approach.  We will only achieve our vision by application of the four values in every decision, every day:


The fuel for our never ending quest for excellence.


The know-how of our people enables us to deliver consistent value to our customers.


Fanatical attention to detail makes our service best of class.


The element that makes Lyreco a trusted partner and a rewarding workplace.

Lyreco University


Any successful company needs good talents to secure the future of the business. It’s important to secure access to such talent both by recruiting and developing the best employees.
In Lyreco we acknowledge the importance of having lots of talent present in our organization.
To further secure this process we have started an internal development programme for our biggest talents called the Lyreco University.

The purpose of Lyreco University is to:
  • Identify the top potentials.
  • Help them to grow to prepare their future and the future of Lyreco.
  • Motivate them by granting them access to a dedicated programme.
  • Use the skills of the students to review and improve our business.

The Lyreco University has been launched locally in every subsidiary with more than 300 employees and we are currently running this programme in 11 countries.

Each country will identify their biggest talents and put them through a one year internal training programme where they will become familiar with all aspects of the Lyreco business.
To further develop their skills and knowledge of the company the students will be given a business relevant project to work on and present to the Company management at the end of the programme.

Lyreco Campus


Just as it is important for each local subsidiary to train and develop their best employees so is the case for the international company.
We need to secure that our biggest talent on a global scale are identified and further developed to prepare them to lead the company in the future.

The Lyreco Group has established an executive development programme called Lyreco Campus.
This programme takes the biggest talents coming out the local Lyreco Universities and put them through a 2 week intensive course at a international business school covering the following topics:
  • Strategy and Business Models
  • Financials tools for Performance
  • Executive Business Game
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership and innovative management
To further develop their understanding of running an international business the students are also given a relevant business case to work.
The student will present their findings and proposed actions to theGroup management team at the end of the year.

Internal Opinion Barometer


Every two years each member of staff has the opportunity to anonymously express their thoughts on Lyreco, particularly on issues relating to work environment, communication and management.

All results are analysed and handled by an external consultant to ensure anonymity and action plans are then put in place to make Lyreco an even better place to work.

Equality & Diversity


Lyreco believes in the value of diversity to enrich our work environment and experiences.

Employment decisions, promotions or training programmes are based on qualifications, ability, work experience and work quality.
Under no circumstances such decisions are made on gender, age, disability, race, colour of the skin, sexual orientation, religious belief, culture or nation of origin.

This is part of the Lyreco Code of Ethics.

Lyreco also work with its business and social partners to develop fair employment practices

Internal Mobility


It’s very important to have the right people in the right positions.
This is not always possible with in the same department, business function or country.
A company needs to secure a high mobility in the work force to be able to have the best people available.

Lyreco is eager to promote internal mobility. This mobility should both be locally across business functions and internationally. All vacant positions within the company are posted internally to make sure there is maximum exposure. Relevant international positions will also be posted globally.

Lyreco also has a clear mobility and relocation policy to further promote mobility by offering financial and expert support when relocation employees both locally and internationally.

Internal Promotion


There is no doubt that one of the best promotions a company can do is that of a qualified internal candidate.

The benefits are many compared to an external candidate:
  • extensive knowledge of the company culture and processes
  • shorter time to fully be integrated in the new position
  • Internal relations from previous role can be utilized quickly
In Lyreco we will look for the internal promotion as the first option.
To secure this all vacant positions is posted internally and kept very visible to all employees.
Further more Lyreco each year does a Succession Planning process to identify employees who are potentials for promotion and who is capable of stepping up.

The Succession Plan also provides the company
the necessary information of who need to be
developed further to be promoted.

Lyreco For Education


Children are our future and the future starts with proper access to education!

Having proper access to schooling ensures that children enter the education system, and benefit from appropriate care and nutrition, giving them a better chance to succeed in life!

The mission of Lyreco For Education:
  • To develop projects which improve education for children in developing countries.
The commitments of Lyreco For Education:
  • Each year, Lyreco For Education supports a project in a different country
  • We carefully select and support a non government organisation (NGO) fully dedicated to that cause.

Together with our employees
All over the world, we let the freedom to our employees to organise internal events for Lyreco For
Education. With great enthusiasm, our employees involve themselves concretely in this fascinating
project and set numerous fund-raising actions throughout the year.

Other Community / Charity Actions


Charity support is important to our company and our employees.

In addition to the financial support to social projects, there are many other ways to give back to the community, and it’s not always about money.
We so encourage our staff to get involved in initiatives dedicated to education, environment and senior citizens.

Here are couple of our examples:

January, 2011 - in the offices of the charity Sun Youth, the 160 Lyreco people who were in Sales convention in Montreal contributed to a chore of painting and cleaning. "This assistance fell from the sky!" said Nicolas Carpentier, spokesman for the agency.


October, 2010 - Lyreco in South Korea organised a “clean campaign” at one of the most visited mountains in Seoul: the majority Lyreco employees participated in this campaign on Saturday morning.

Supplier Social Audits


To make sure of the respect for human rights in its supply chain, Lyreco achieves Social Audits which allow to appraise the conformity of the suppliers " Lyreco Import " (about fifteen suppliers - all situated in Asia) on the basis of the international standard SA 8000 (Social Accountability 8000).
This standard focus on child labour, forced labour, health & safety, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours and compensation.

Hereafter, the details of Lyreco policies on the subject: WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTOR OF OFFICE PRODUCTS - LYRECO - Rue du 19 Mars 1962 - 59770 Marly France
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